Keeping Rates Down All Year Round

Texas summer. Not even noon and it’s already 100. The air conditioner’s on “high.” Texas summers can really strain your pocketbook but electric co-op members can relax. They know they have a locally owned electric company looking out for their best interests. Electric co-ops are working to keep rates down year round because they are serving the interests of their members and not far-away investors. In fact, electric co-op members enjoy some of the lowest electric rates in Texas. That is no coincidence. It’s a benefit of being a member of a not-for-profit, member owned electric co-op. Deregulation is changing the Texas power industry but your cooperative has been given a choice. As your Smart Choice Electric Cooperative, we intend to wait and see how well deregulation works. For more information call your local Smart Choice Cooperative or visit our web site.

Smart Choice is a coalition of Texas cooperatives committed to making the right decision on electric deregulation.

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